Receiving data - dropped effect generic

Game hangs on ‘receiving data -dropping effect generic’

Happens on every server I try to connect to. I have tried Everything I can possibly think of to fix this - fire walls, anti virus, drivers, reinstall, verify, resolutions, community servers v’s dev servers, full v’s empty, waiting few mins to try hope it will work per server…nothing works.

Gtx 780
i7 4790k

After having this problem and trying to search for a solution a quickly found i was not alone and there are hundreds of posts on the same subject yet I can not find a single official response, help please, what is going on?

ps: can play legacy servers just fine, but i am not looking to play those it is the normal new and dev that i can not access.

Which version if windows are you running (if any)

Same thing is happening to me.

Gtx 660 Ti
i7 3770k


windows 8

win 7 ultimate, finally found 1 server i could join everytime on the dev build community servers. that was one server out of about 50 i tried so far, i have no idea what made that one so special.

Edit, that server was called Rusty Pie

I want to add to this post that when I first join a server, the console is spammed with ‘dropping effect generic’ over and over for quite a while. I don’t know if this is intended, but if not it may be the cause of some of the many performance issues I get in this current build.