Receiving Data problem still a thing?!

So I have been looking around and it’s incredible the amount of people that have the same receiving data problem…

I bought Rust yesterday and spend 3 hours trying different fixed etc, no luck.

I then just went onto a server and it connected, I was like OMG it must be fixed. But it turns out I am only able to connect to that ONE PARTICULAR SERVER. When it comes down to any of the other servers, I get stuck in that wonderful receiving data screen!

Would really appreciate some serious help!



I managed to fix it.

I turned off a shit load of processes in my background (skype, hamachi, etc), and I made 100% sure that anticheat was running as a process!

Glad you got it fixed.

Quite a few people had the problem until networking was reworked.

I’m having same issue ,before registering here tried all steps that people adviced in other forums and here. Yet it didnt solve, I am able to join many servers, tried like 43 servers(official,community,modded) in my playable ping range , i can join all of them, but one server which im currently playing at with friends , i can’t join anymore. It stucks at receiving data screen. Dont know if its a problem from my side, or server host’s also contacted him , tried to kick while in tha screen, banned, and unbanned to see if it works , but not sure which steps we should follow. I ve tried, formatting pc , tried in win7 and win8 , reinstalled game, integrity of files, antivirus , firewall exceptions etc , every recommendation on internet , but still didnt fix it. I ve been playing on this server before latest patch, and also after patch. This happened for no reason. I ve disconnected from server , when i woke up next day couldnt join server.

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And sometimes i manage to join server , but it looks like im playing in a massive lag spike , i cant use any weapon etc, cant see anyone , but i can see houses that have already built, and see animals not moving stuck in one place . People in my server says that they can see what i type in chat but i cant see anything in chat , or able to use any function of game.