"Receiving Data" stuck

Hello, so this is a new issue for me that started since the hot fixes after the update on Oct. 1st. I joined my server fine, but when I tried to re spawn, it went to loading screen and stopped at receiving data. I waited 10 mins and nothing, so i quit and tried re launching steam and Rust and now when loading into a server it stops on receiving data and wont let me in the game. Keeps happening after restarting computer as well. Whats more bizarre is in task manager while its stuck, the music is going fine, It keeps showing cpu and updated MB usage so its not frozen, but as soon as it stays on receiving data my internet stops…No troubleshooting helps, cant connect to web pages, i can browse the web while the server loads but as soon as I reach “Receiving Data” my internet just stops, once i close rust it works as normal. Anyone else?

TL:DR - My internet stops only when I get to "Receiving Data" and works fine before and after I close Rust

*Update* Tried again and got into server and saw me sleeping on beach, and internet was gone again, couldnt spawn, and I looked at the output_log.txt and it says nothing about why it stopped

Also, This is showing 100% packet loss and it keeps dropping to about 80% every 2-5 seconds and jumping back to 100% but no response in game or from the web, soon as I disconnect from server it works fine, all the other numbers jump all around constantly

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I experienced this earlier on Rustopia. My internet didn’t stop, but on that particular server my client just froze at Receiving Data. Was working fine on other servers. I was able to use F1 though, so killed myself, and when I relaunched rust I got in fine.