Recent bans for inactivity?

Hello, I have been hearing recently that people who are inactive for more than a month or so, are receiving bans. I did not receive one myself but this is very concerning.
Is it true that this is happening to people?

Actually, I’ve found people who have been active and not breaking any rules are being banned as well. But then again it’s Alpha, so maybe someone found a way to just freely ban accounts.

Someone posted something showing it’s possible to, and it was by some random person on here. If others found it they might be able to grief that way? Or they might just think it’s funny.

You guys really think they are giving free bans?
In soo many years of gaming, i have found a lot people like “i did nothing…why i was banned?”

Well, at least i hope theres going be a new drop of some of those “precious” for some new people join in :slight_smile:

PS: Like me.

Someone posted in a topic showing it’s possible for anyone to ban people at the moment.

The person who posted it is permabanned, but he showed that he banned garry newman or something, or maybe he made a clone site and he was making an example.

It’s in alpha, sometimes stuff happens like that on accident. Sometimes on purpose coughcoughWarZcoughcough
And sometimes, they did nothing.
If they need more active testers, they will make more keys
If you want to play this “awesome game”, wait until it is a game.

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You have to be admin to do it, although I have NO clue how he got those screens

and now who is trying to beg for “test” rust is only a fair return to things after taking all those people who wanted to play for young pre pubert morons
The only thing I hope is that rust became a game or go in bêta phase open to public as soon as possible

All I understood from that is your hope of an option to buy during beta, which is planned.

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Going a little off-topic too.

Just need to wait for Beta :slight_smile: even today on morning they got some problems with the servers. Ever 5min it was a disconnect. This is what alpha is for, but some people already think its a finished game and rage about these things :slight_smile:

The whole point of alpha is to “complain” about bugs.
Can we get on-topic please?

Yes this is what i trully hope
But the thing who shocked me is the way you “alpha tester” talk to all this people because they asking to play rust

That is not what this fucking thread is about!
Stop using my thread to complain about not having keys and trying to say that the testers are ungrateful!
End of.
Back on topic, please

Sockem, no mod will tell you why the bans in game around. People already know why they were given.

Mokado, as of right now. Anyone with a Rust Account, can ban Anyone who has a Rust Account.


If it was a mistake, they might respond.
Nobody knows why they were given, because no reason was given.

I’ve been inactive for months and just now logged in fine.

Somebody just told me that some dickhead used an exploit to make himself admin and ban random people.

They banned accounts that had never really played/tested, that was around 10k people.

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[sp]I pulled bad reading :P[/sp]