Recent Blog nailed it

FAO: Garry and the rest of your team.

This… This is exactly what we wanted to hear and it’s appreciated that you fully understand the issues the community has been annoyed by recently.

I’d encourage everybody reading this to vote in the polls in the blog.

Cheers guys.


The dev branch should be where the updates should be pushed to first.

Work out the kinks, then push to main branch.

I would be okay if the two week cycle was, first week on dev working out bugs, second week pushed to main.

Probably not practical though.

agreed, everyone should read this

That’s their suggestion in the blog…

Good dam post – respect to Garry for owning up to their complete fuck up with this week’s patch. Apology totally excepted Garry and thanks for being honest with us about what happened.

Apology accepted Garry, now keep making Rust better :smiley:

Heck I would be okay with small updates for glitches and stuff weekly or every two weeks and big patches… added content, game changes, etc… every month when there is wipe.

Dev branch for testing all patches and once they are working properly, push it to main.

This would probably encourage more players on the dev servers. Players who want to test the changes first and report bugs, or just players who want to be first to experience them before everyone else.

Of course you’ll still get the players who will come here and rage about it though.

Sure is alot of ragers for an alpha game that will change so much during development.