Recent Bow Tweaks make the bow much less fun

I know you were trying to make the revolver compete better with the bow but you went about it the wrong way. The revolver needs to be made better not the bow made worst, just make it a 357 and it gets interesting. The bow is a lot less fun to play and shooting animals is a pain as they move so sparatic that can make “leading” them a frustrating practice. The bow was perfect as it was and it felt great; it feels a little fisher price now. Also, it gave a new player at least have a chance to get a lucky shot or two against all these AK carrying maniacs, now a new player has very little to defend himself early on.

You just need more practice. It’s difficult at first. I’ve gotten pretty darn good with it after several weeks.

Not complaining because I have not learned how to use it, that’s why I waited until today to post as I wanted to give it a chance. It’s simply less fun/useful than before. The revolver needs a power boost the bow was perfect in my opinion.

“Edited- to add this comment”
Dionysus9, I just noticed you said for several weeks, this nerf of the bow just happened on Thursday and that’s what I am talking about.

I’m a bit split on this one. I loved shooting the bow. When starting out on a server, even after getting a gun, the bow is still my main weapon. And I liked it because it was better than the revolver.

I can understand why they nerfed it. There’s no way a makeshift bow should launch an arrow faster than a revolver. But I don’t necessarily think the bow was the problem. I think the revolver needed to be buffed instead.

But we’ll have to see what comes of it over the long term. At least I’m thankful they didn’t nerf the bow into oblivion. Far too often we see game devs hit something with the nerf bat rather aggressively and make it useless.

I miss the old arrow speed for sure, but the new one wasn’t THAT hard getting used to. Plus the whole idea is that its more difficult to aim than something with near instant projectile speed.

Huh. Didn’t realized they had just nerfed it. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Just the arrow projectile speed. Damage, durability, etc is unchanged as far as I know.

Yup. Just the arrow speed. Otherwise it’s exactly the same.

Damage was reduced as well, but not enough to make much difference.

What you complain? That it is not a crossbow, and crossbows are almost here I suppose. Legacy had bows like that.

Oh, it is good how it is. Thats not just a mistake that archers were upgraded to musketeers. They simply needed way too much training, thus not being able to be part of a regular army.

I think it’s just perfect now. The bow was way to OP before, you would be better off with a bow then most guns other then AK…