Recent DoS attacks.

There’s a guy called Hunter (steamID’s below) DoS’ing servers, including nodex and other good servers.

He’s created a connect/disconnect script which floods a given IP with join requests remotely. Crashes a server in 10-20 seconds, depending on other circumstances, but in all, it makes a server unplayable.

I’ve managed to pry some info out, that it runs via gmod, so perhaps being suspended from steam will remedy his bullshittery.

He says he’s “Slob’s hellhound”. Rofl.

The below is a thread I started on the vac thread on the steam site, requesting a ban.

Not sure where to request a vac ban, but there’s a guy called Hunter (steamIDs below) who’s made a join script which floods a server with connect/disconnect requests. It takes any given IP, and does its business. Server is unplayable until it eventually crashes and restarts.

This is pretty bullshit, and the script runs through gmod, so I figured a vacban/some kind of suspension from steam should remedy this.

Hope a mod reads this.

He has two steam accounts.
SteamID’s grabbed from status. I’m on a server with him atm.

38 “Hunter(2)” STEAM_0:1:1743324 14:27 82 0 active

21 “Hunter(1)” STEAM_0:0:33397564 1:38:17 108 0 active

Maybe have some evidence?
For all we know, you could BS us.
I’m not saying I don’t trust you, but maybe give some evidence or anything.

yeah, i know what you mean, ill try getting some of the people affected earlier.

he’s telling the truth… hunter have crashed plenty of servers i’ve been on the last week :stuck_out_tongue:

13:03 - Hunter(1): Hunter(1): time to join
Hunter(1): nodex
#raJ: lol have fun
Hunter(1): i will
Hunter(1): im gonna build grass
Hunter(1): then melonz
Hunter(1): then a death cannon
Hunter(1): and shoot at unsmarts
Hunter(1): while Hunter(2) will shoot at nodex
Hunter(1): then we’ll see wich server that survives
Hunter(1): :smiley:
Hunter(1): Awesome aint it?
#raJ: not really"

thats copied from my steam chat with him (he pasted it to me from his and rajs steam chat :stuck_out_tongue: )

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