Recent updates broke fretta rounds?

Before the recent updates my Fretta-based gamemode’s round system worked perfectly, but after the updates it seems that the default functions are being called and not mine. I placed a print in all of the functions and it isn’t being printed at all. I have a file called round_controller.lua(PasteBin) and it is being included in my init.lua, the same layout as Fretta.

I never really liked Fretta too much. Why did everyone make such a big deal out of it? I’d preferred making gamemodes from scratch.

If you haven’t noticed, there is a contest that will pay a very large sum of money to the best Fretta gamemode that’s been going on since December and ends next weekend, so Fretta-coders are rather hurried to finish this week.

As for your problem Cow, I haven’t had that issue, but my GlobalStrings/Integers have broken so Fretta broke.

I mean I don’t know why everyone was like, “OMG THIS IS FRETTA!!!”. Everyone made a big deal about it as soon as it was announced.

Because A. garry will pay you lots of money for developing on it and B. it provides a nice HUD, fluid controls for switching gamemodes/maps, and includes features like built-in round control and time limits.

I like Fretta because it has all of the boring stuff done so I can make all the fun parts of the gamemode. Plus it can be put on to any server running Fretta with no problem.

Okay, so after reinstalling, and adding prints to many functions, I found the problem. It was my GM:CheckRoundEnd function. But I have no idea why it is breaking the round system.
[lua]function GM:GetPlayersAlive()

local Alive = {}

for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
	if v:GetLivesLeft() > 0 and v:Team() != TEAM_SPECTATOR and v:Team() != TEAM_CONNECTING then
		Alive[k] = v

return Alive


// You should use this to check any round end conditions
function GM:CheckRoundEnd()

if #player.GetAll() <= 1 then return end

local Alive = GAMEMODE:GetPlayersAlive()

if table.Count(Alive) == 0 then
	GAMEMODE:RoundEndWithResult(-1, "Everyone loses!")
elseif table.Count(Alive) == 1 and  then
	local ply = table.GetFirstValue(Alive)
	GAMEMODE:RoundEndWithResult(ply, "")