Recent Wipe **Chalk Town UK** Active Admin/Airdrops/OXIDE/Friendly

Chalk Town UK

Has recently been wiped, so now is a good time to start building, we have a core team (all friendly) who are willing to help new joins to get set up. There is more than enough space for some awesome bases.

Is a UK based server, recently started by oXFixtXo, this server is newbie friendly were anyone is welcome to join, the Map is very clean at the moment there is a lot of spaces for buildings to be placed. The server numbers grow each day.
The admins on this server are active and have been playing since the alpha was released and the current player base is a friendly one, we have all kinds of players although are trying to increase the community.

Features: Present and to Come

Airdrops on an hourly basis,

Arena PvP Matches

Help and Support with base building


Random Small Stash Drops, (Small Stashes are dropped that contain random loot, players compete for the loot)

Oxide Enabled Server

Friendly Community

Cheatpunch Enabled

Hackers/Griefers Will be Banned

Removal Tool for Admins (ask if you need something removed)

Mumble voice comms for users

Newly Added Arena Games

If anyone is interested in joining please talk to oXFixtXo on Steam, hope to see you there soon