Recently Banned

Hello Everyone, I am Jimonions

I have recently been banned from (yesterday to be exact) and I would appreciate it if I got a reason why.
Some of you may know me, I do a lot of mapping and had several popular maps uploaded, my newest being a background map.
I feel my ban reason has something to do with it but after going over the contents I had uploaded there is nothing dangerous or malicious in the files.
It is to my knowledge that there are no unbans and if that is the case I will go discreetly and bid you well, but there is no better teacher than learning from mistakes.

All I ask for is a valid reason or a way to get one.

here is my account:

You uploaded something that had svn folders in it. Or you were being dumb and uploaded something stupid.

“I feel my ban reason has something to do with it but after going over the contents I had uploaded there is nothing dangerous or malicious in the files” I already understand the rules about uploading svn content

I am an avid follower of jimonions on All his uploads were his original creations, all 100% safe.

He is the creator of “zs_abstraction” and “gm_pandora”, both maps which were featured on the front page of for many weeks.

I don’t see why he was banned?

here is my account on

What was the last thing you did before being banned?

He uploaded a map background.

It wasn’t a sloppy 5 minute background either. It was a fully animated background that replaces the figure in it with your player model. One of the most creative and amazing backgrounds I’ve seen on the site. I was one of the few fortunate ones to download it right before his account was banned.

Uploaded this

This is one of the most stupidest bans, he put time into making that background unlike others

He doesn’t want an unban, He NEEDS one

-snip- double post

He can try and ask garry but i doubt he will be unbanned

Yea, I don’t see why jimonions got banned. I’ve been following his creations too, his maps are on a god tier quality, and his animated background map is hella creative. It was completely random on how he got banned.

I swear, I am disappoint at the person that banned jim. It was completely unnecessary… I think, someone cough Garry cough is jelly.

Wow, that background thing, Its incredible.

Shit man, that background is awesome that you posted on youtube. I hope you get unbanned. There might have been a problem, or maybe someone uploaded some of your older content or something.

If we could get a moderator in here to investigate the ban, that would be great.

Wow awesome background. Try PMing a admin or just a regular administrator.

Ya. I just got permabanned from gmod org a few days ago as well and I have no idea why :frowning: I am a very respectful poster with no flaming and I don’t upload garbage or anything. I am just super confused.

I had uploaded a spaceship to support my corresponding spaceship battle youtube video series shortly before being banned, maybe this had to do with it? But I have been uploading stuff to go with my youtube videos for over a year. The battle series:

I’ve had files that were my original content removed simply because i forgot to remove the .svn folder from the zip file.

the administration at is less than satisfactory, they need to put effort into checking the reported files.