Recessed Lights

Does anyone know of a good way to make recessed lights similar to the ones in this image?

I’m not sure how to go about it. Maybe a small enclosure above a hallway with a frosted glass bottom and some form of a light inside?

Look at cs_office, they used recessed lights in the office areas. They didn’t have any light covers though, so they were exposed.

The texture “lights/white” something emits light like that.

Light emitting texture indented in the ceiling?

I’m not really sure what it is that you’re having trouble with.

I worked on a map with lights like these. What you want to do is cut a 32x64 hole in the ceiling and put the css light model over just above the hole. Then place a thin brush with the correct texture on it. Put that texture name and color/brightness in the lights.rad to avoid placing a ton of light entities.

If you need more specifics look up texture lighting and use the css version of Mammer to find the correct texture and model.

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I might just make you a small test map later.

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Alright. Take a look at whats going on here.

There is a light entity in the middle to light the ceiling. Its just a diffuse light to get everything evenly.

To get the texture lights put this on a new line in the lights.rad file: glass/offlightcover 240 240 255 250
The file should be located in the game directory ie. garrysmod/garrysmod or counter-strike source/cstrike. If the file doesn’t exist just make it yourself.
You also need the counter strike materials and model for this to work. If you don’t have the game let me know and I will get the necessary stuff for you.

Heres the link:

Wow. Thanks a bunch. Thats a great way to go about it.