"recieving data" or "client ready" hangs on loading.


Since Sunday 24th May 2015 I have been receiving “Client Ready” or “Receiving Data” hangs on my loading screen.

It will just stop at this point and never progress. Music still plays, and I can still call the console.

I only play on maybe 1-2 different servers regularly, and now cannot access either of these.

I tried other servers but have been receiving one of these errors on maybe 80%+ of the servers I try currently.

I have searched for a possible solution both on the reddit and facepunch forums as well as google to no avail.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and tried running dx9.

Please help!

Thanks in advance

This happens to me as well, Have tried backing game files and reinstalling multiple times, it makes me sad :frowning:

Does it say anything when you verify your game cache? It shoul redownload corrupted files. I think thats your case.

when I have console open it says “Your manifest files differs from the servers”

This is after I have done 2 clean reinstalls. Some of the servers I’m trying have been wiped as recent as 25th of May, so should have the same version as me?

Is it simply a version issue?

There was no update during the time it stopped working to my knowledge (25th May), so why would it be a version issue?