Reckless Gaming | Oxide Mod | Door Sharing | Starter Kits | Active Admins | 100 slots - You won't be disappointed.

This is a brand new set up server.

Steam Profile:

To connect to the server:

  1. Open Rust.
  2. Press F1
  3. Type or Paste: net.connect

Some of the perks include:

Active Admins / Friendly Staff- We are severely active in our pursuit for cheaters/hackers and they are not tolerated. All admins have expirience in the administration of large gaming servers. So be confident in knowing that we’ll take care of your problem.
Uninterrupted Play - No one should be told how to play a game the way they want to. We won’t tell you either.
Starter Kit - You get to claim a one time only kit generation to your person. This will give you what you need to start building right away. It’s tough to get started and we understand, this will enable you to start right away. Just type: /kit to see available kits when you connect to the server. If you think there should be something in the kit that isn’t, well let me know and we’ll add it.
Door Sharing - Share your constructions with your friends!
Instant Crafting - No one wants to wait to build a large base. We enabled instant crafting so you can just get right to it.
Clan Starter Kits (No Weapons and Within Reason) - If you are bringing your entire clan to my server, I will work out a kit for you and your members to start building right away. Just message me via steam, I would be happy to help.
No server wipes - We will not do any server wipes, unless we are forced to.
Oxide MOD - We have the oxide mod installed. Type /help in game for available commands.

Server Flags:
PVP - Enabled
Sleeper - Enabled
Instant Crafting - Enabled

I am looking to offer an awesome, drama free gaming experience. I am available up to 20 hours a day so I am an easy to get a hold of guy. There are a couple of rules we ask you to follow when on our server:

No drama - Keep your arguments out of chat. If you have a problem with staff, please message me on steam.
No cheating - We are vigilant in watching for and catching cheaters/hackers. Don’t be that guy… If you become that guy, I’ll also be sure to forward my findings to steam to be sure they take a look at you.
No Admin abuse - Admin abuse is not tolerated and is a bannable offense. If you see an admin abusing his/her powers, please message me on steam and I will take care of it as fast as lightning strikes.

Other than that, anything goes. If you want a hacker free and administrated environment, while having fun in the process. This is your server. :slight_smile:

Any other Questions, complaints or concerns here is my steam profile. Add me as a friend:

To connect to the server:

  1. Open Rust.
  2. Press F1
  3. Type or Paste: net.connect

Server is down?

Sorry, my apologies. I accidentally pasted the wrong port info. It is updated now and should work. Use the new IP and port.

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Did you still need help?

This server is the real deal. This guy made it real easy to start over. Thanks man.

Not a problem.