Reclaiming Resources

Just wanting to keep this in the back of peoples minds;)

I would love to see the ability to reclaim resources by breaking down items. Primarily, it would give a use for things like looted clothes, because you can only wear so much, but the cloth has definite uses. It could (and i’m certainly fond of the idea) be tied in with researching too. Scrap the research kits, and have it that breaking down an item teaches you how to make it if you don’t know how to yet, and returns a portion of the resources needed to make it.

i’d also expect that certain items could not be crafted under these circumstances. in this case, you get the resources, but maybe a warning message saying “too complex to learn”.

anyone have thoughts? expansion? objections?

Absolutely. It’d be nice to get some kind of use out of stuff that I would normally throw away. I only need so many stone hatchets in my base that I never get to because I already have the hatchet bp. It’d be nice to get some stone and wood from it, even if it were just a little bit.

There was a recycle kit in legacy’s code that I don’t believe was ever introduced, so they were thinking about it at some point.

I’d love to see the re-use of metal like that. Fixed your pick / hatchet / gun too many times? Toss it in the furnace and melt it down to more metal fragments. Obviously less than what it costs to originally build, but it would be good to get SOMETHING back from them.

Dismantling things at the repair bench and recouping 75% of the raw materials would be nice.

I like that “too complex to learn” idea. Unless of course you’re at a Level 3 workbench with your precision tools ; )

Good idea would be nice to have, makes sense to reclaim the items.

I’d also like to see a Quenching option, in which the cost to make one would be wood and a lot of animal fat turned into oil this oil would be placed into a wooden box, the metal component, say a hatchet, would be heated up in the furnace then dropped into the quencher this then would double the strength and durability of the metal item this would also be used for making gun barrels and strengthening their durability instead of exploding in the hands of the user like it really should do.
Quenching a common technique used in Black Smithing(if you dont know already). Watch Secrets of the Viking Sword great video about the worlds greatest sword ever.

For the “too complex to learn”, I’d also like to see a Sand Casting option to solve this, Its created by collecting sand, water and wood, its a simple process mix right amounts of sand and water and making a wooden box to put it in, Sand Casting is used to duplicate or create objects mostly metal objects, so lets say you find a really nice metal part but you cant make so you take it back to the Sand Caster put the object in, add heaps of melted metal frags wait for it to cool down then quench it to help the cooling process. You then have learnt how to make that part and the original is kept for making molds and as a recognition that you know how to make that item.

I like the idea in the mind map of “everything is destroyable”

Keeping that in mind, I think an interesting idea would be having the loot in rad towns be a 1 time spawn. Then the rad towns themselves would be destroyable, giving some nice resources.

I like the idea or resource recovery if they ever bring back a remove tool, no remove tool then no need for recovery.

blocked in australia due to copyright lol

It’s just a silly song about recycling. lol