Recoded HUDs

Here is a collections of HUDs (Paid and Free), recoded by me. Nothing is stolen just recoded. It should work on all screen sizes. Report a bug if they don’t.

HUDs + Pictures:


Maximum’s HUD:

Fixed Polygon HUD (Note: You will have to edit the logo and the level if you want this to work 100%. Also fix the hunger bar because that was something I was going to add in then I just said no because not many servers use it.):

Bowman’s HUD:

Acecool - Polygon HUD Base
freescreen savers


I like that you’ve fixed them up, but the little advert for your self is kinda eh.

You can leave it in there if you want, if not just remove it. I added it in so no one would cry about a stolen hud.

There not exactly the same either these are just simple the original ones have animation these are just sad dude if your going to remake please put a bit more thought into it thanks for this saves like 5 seconds but really mate lol

Ive also recoded, ShardHUD and SmartHUD if you want to add them.

Smart –!lUdgzRLD!H2WVeVGlPH_ly4aAkJlUkA

Shard –!QcM2gLDa!i75ijmA3QXS7hTlzQ1IF0A

This is not the place to advert your own stuff. Make your own thread or get out of mine.

Wow ok sorry. I didn’t thin it was going to offend you as you wont lose money or anything…

Conflict intensifies.

Speaking of which, there is a megathread for such things already, do you really think your 4 recoded HUDs deserve a separate thread?

Speaking of this, i had assumed this was to be a Megathread for HUDs only, so i contributed.

Yeah, there’s already an overflowing amount of HUDs on ScriptFodder, I’d prefer it if the same didn’t happen in Addons & Releases as well

That clone megathread should be stickied, Lol