Recoloring models?

I just started a gmod starwarsrp server and i need to recolor a few player models, but i am clueless on how to do so. I’ve watched and seen all the tutorials but nothing has helped, please someone help me!

how much recolor you need? just google. the steps are always the same tho. any good painting tool does that. use a layer on top of the original or (a greyscale of the original) and paint new colors in it. you need a lil bit selection or a mask to paint only what you wanna paint. then combine it however. actually modulate aka multiply with the greyscale is the easiest. hope it helps. happy painting. :slight_smile:

Are you wanting to reskin the model(s) or make them colorable in realtime?

I want to reskin a model to change some colors on it, would anyone be willing to train me?

It’s not really something you need training for. Simply extract the models and textures that you want, download a tool called VTF Edit to export the texture files as PNG or other usable formats, then paint them in Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, dDo, or Substance Painter.

Granted my summary was super short, but that’s all there is to it.

I personally would stay away from PNG files that are going to become textures. Imported PNG files often have minor distortions, but more importantly, you’ll need an alpha mask for transparency. I personally use TGA files for textures with an alpha mask and BMP files for textures without them.

most tools (i know gimp) got a plugin to import and export vtf files directly. you gotta create a temporary lossless copy nonetheless.

i’d recommend bmp or tga or uncompressed png or the program’s native files for temporary storage too. png is usually a compressed lossless format. ofc you can use it. it’s good for the final storage. and/but… that thing. there is no distortion in png. the only distortion is the dxt block compression that usually already is in the extracted textures you rip from the games. that’s that.