Recommend A Server!

Really liked a server, but just didn’t find anyone on at the time who you could recommend it too? Recommend it on this forum!

Paradox RP:

This server without doubt is the best Dark RP server. It has the serious rp attitude (street names, trains, and such), but doesn’t have food mod. My favorite part about this server is the unique train/train robbing system which allows players of all types to jump onto a train, and steal shipments of drugs,weapons, and occasionally dummy shipments. Another great thing is the radio job which allows players to do talk shows with other players, and discuss things, propaganda things, or even have political debates!

Without doubt… I’m defiantly going to get a group of friends, and do some train hopping for shipments!

Are you admin/the owner of said server? Just curious because you said “best DarkRP server”.

I would recommend a great HL2 RP server, but they closed it down awhile ago… Never once did I see anyone not rp, and during the day it had around 50 players. :smith:

Nope. Just a passing bystander who was originally interested in minging it.

Even though I don’t play Gmod RP actively anymore, there is one server I still have some hope in.
Gerbil Mountain.
They’re a somewhat Real-life RP server, but with a twist.
Ive been through alot of RP servers in my time here in Gmod, and this is the only one I still have faith in.
They’re run by a very mature team, and their leader Myrrdin is one of the most mature people Ive ever met online.

And I am by no means affiliated with them, I havent played on their servers for ages (Or any server for that matter) but I keep a look on all Gmod RP servers, and they’re doing pretty good.
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I usually don’t advertise servers, but these guys deserve it.