Recommend Female Ragdolls/NPCs

Not sure if this is something I should be asking here: It seemed rediculous to post in the models section cuz this is almost a request, and ridiculous to post in the request section because this isn’t a creation request. Regardless, I need Help.

I’m looking for models. Female models. Of course there’s the generic survivors, then there’s Zoey from L4D and Alyx from HL2. But I need more. I’m making a kind of story, you see, and wouldn’t you know it: there are more than two females in this story. Dagnabbit, isn’t that something?

Searching generally turns up with Alyx reskins, or scantily clad to completely nude models of Samus Aran, or the DOA girls, or a Gmod rendition Jimminypoprandom string of numbers’s favorite pornographic actress. And Gosh darnit, the girls in my story just happen to not be hookers.

I think that’s all the not-quite sarcasm and 50’s-era lingo I have in me right now, but if people could suggest some/link me to good female models, then that would just be oh gee-golly so fabulous! ←Oh, I had one more after all!

A female ragdoll not naked?
Where do the hell do you think are, your grandads Gmod?
No, but really. Your just going to get some 12 year old “WHUT A STORY WIDOUT HOOOKERS AND NUDE CHICKSS? SOUNDS LIKE A GAY FAG STORY!~!@#!$!@E
What about the female citizen models? Maybe ask a modeler for a reskin of there clothes?

Don’t be silly, the gmod community isn’t THAT bad. He’s not going to get slated for having female characters who aren’t naked or slutty-looking.

Well there’s cole from s-low which is decent.
Faith from Mirror’s edge on gmod
Maybe Celeste as well
The pariah prisoner
and potentially a couple of others. Not sure how many have faceposing though. I know the prisoner does.

Only one of those I could find was Faith :confused:
Thank you though. 3:

I try to make female versions of my skins. Here are a couple.

Oh dude, for what your doing, you do not even want to know how many different variations of the same citizens I have in my game that have different clothing options, and yes I mean the women. If you play on the PERP roleplay server, that right there, should download a helluva different amount of clothing for citizens, it did for me, but its just that they will be backed away further in the folders, and you have to use model manipulator to change them, but the animations seem to still work for me. It just takes a lot longer. Also, the refuge reskins off

(your also going to need the men’s version for game compatibility reasons, I did)
change the clothes if connecting and downloading from a roleplay server is more complicated and time consuming. So just spawn a refuge, not a citizen, and female models should eventually pop up, or download/use the npc_spawner s tool that should spawn any HL2 woman you want, where ever that tool is available, I don’t remember the link. The very least it gives you more options when the woman don’t have to wear that same refuge or blue citizen outfit, if you don’t want to use the rebel models as well.

However, yes, finding realistic, non Source female models is a different story. I suppose you could also implement fake factory models, but you would have to change the setup so that they do not replace in gmod, people have done so, but not me.