Recommend me a gamemode that is..

Peaceful’ish, non-violent meaning not really any shooting… no PVP.
I am really bored of running a TTT server even though i have a nice small community it’s just the same stuff happening time and time again. I’d like to play something a bit bigger but not like darkRP which i find boring.
I guess there is sandbox lol.

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Actually come to think of, no gamemodes fit that :stuck_out_tongue:

Spacebuild possibly.

Spacebuild if anything requires a lot of PvP to be fun, or else it’s just building spaceships and run around in them, delete them and build a new one.

Hm ok. What about… a little bit of PVP.
But there is more stuff to do in, apart from like TTT where there are just 3 simple rules (innocent/detective/traitor). I’m not knocking that though.
Spacebuild sounds interesting.
DarkRP seems good actually but are there any fun free (public) minigames out there ?
I enjoy playing zombie survival tbh.
Pirate ship wars was also awesome, but the physics made the server crash and restart all the time. Does anybody know if there is some LUA to make the physics not crash?
Thx for your suggestions i will give spacebuild a go.

Fretta with a bunch of minigames was always fun.

hide and seek gmod style. probably more fun with a bigger map (with props) and a fair amount of people

gmod tower’s ball race?

Think up a gamemode idea, maybe someone with the necessary scripting ability will create it for you.

For me, new ideas are the hard thing.

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and by create it for you i mean create it for everyone

Sledbuild should do the trick.

The goal is to build a sled, and you race it down with other people.