Recommend me a map? (kind of specific)

Alright,read title and you get the base thing,a Deathmatch map,2 Sided,
I can’t find any good map and I’m stuck,been looking for 3 hours.

Idea of the map:
Two Sides (Two Spawnzones like for a red/blue kinda thing)
Roof or walls on all sides.

Concept of it:
Deathmatch or a kind or “The Walls” minigame from minecraft *if you’ve never heard of it,its like 4 walls,after 15-25 minutes the walls fall down and the players (divied across 4 teams)
go against eatchother.

Thanks,above is just a kind of thing I’m looking for,I don’t care what you recommend,its just above shows what I want/need.
If this is in the wrong section,PLEASE DON’T HURT MEH! :frowning:

GM_Harvest is a good map,however it doesn’t really represent anything I just said above…
-Walls (stone/grass)
-Sides (kind of?)
-Houses you can go into (rp map style)
-Fully Noded (air nodes too omg)

A lot of the Bug Boys maps are like this.

why would u let me see that? :suicide:

edit: moderators gonna kill me,thanks anyways,I’ll look around the related maps to this addon and see anything that couldn’t be
more disgusting than those alien thingys. :zoid:
edit2: Tha fawk 8 GUESTS? Guys go freaking register,its waaay better!