Recommendations - help me out yo

Basically, I’m looking for good, serious roleplay servers. I already play at Taco N Banana and Gentlemen’s Gaming Lounge, but since TnB is basically dead, I’m looking for something better. It can be anything, really. From Star Wars RP to medieval shit, to be perfectly honest, just as long as it’s serious and the admins don’t embrace favoritism and elitism is frowned upon.

My friend plays on GGL and on my server.

You don’t like GGL?


I’ll send you a link to my advert if you’re interested. :v:

No, I like GGL, it’s just not enough. I’m looking for an active RP community where I can make a name for myself. And Dici…I know Dici. It basically just copied TnB’s megapack and ideas and renamed them, sorry, I’m not looking for that. My friend’s friend asked me to make an ACP app for him, and pheh. >.<

You mean like any other server running HL2RP on OpenAura?

Anyway, good luck finding something.

Fallout: New Vegas RP running Blueprint 2.

Yeah, I tried Infusion Gaming, a while ago. I was actually the Head Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel faction in it before I got tired of all the minges. (no offense)

I knew there was something familiar about you…