Recommendations on Vanilla Servers

Hello community,
I am here to ask the ones that see this post about the Vanilla Servers they would recommend to someone who right now is at the Limbo (don’t have a fixed settlement yet) :smiley:
Since April 2015 to somewhere around December 2015 I have been playing in the already taken down Amsterdam III Official Server.
It has been the server that best suited me for the low ping and my coleagues and I have had a lot of fun in it even with the low population (100)
Somewhere around November 2015 it started having huge problems with the performance and even with that we kept playing because we wanted to maintain our bps.

When some of the servers were taken down and the bps were forced wiped, I moved to “London I” hoping the performance and the fun of having more population would suit us nicely.
For the first days of the wipe the server worked like charm and even with the high population(250), we could more or less get accostumed to the change.
After the first week, the server started having problems with the rubberbanding and the server lag, making the pvp or even the farming close to impossible.

I moved then to London III and had close to cero problems with the lag or the rubberbanding;except for that the server was taken down some times and people in the chat accused
an important and powerful team for supposedly taking it down with DDOS atacks (dont really understand the objective of doing so if you “own” a server with your team but nvm).

Right now Im back to london I as I got tired of getting to rebuild the base every two days in London III because of that “big team” which supposedly DDOsed the server had 5-8 of their members hacking with aim assistance and ESP
(some of them have already been banned).
Problem with London I is that right now the performance is really bad: rubberbanding is like one more “enemy” you need to get over when you are doing PVP, the server every now and then times out the clients (instead of just restarting which would certainly help with the performance), and other performance related problems which certainly dont favour in playing in that server.

For all this I have also thought about going to investigate into some community servers which people are really happy with,
but still haven’t had the opportunity of finding one which has a reliable ping for where me and my team live (somewhere around central to western europe)

Any ideas on official or community servers which you guys would like to recommend?
Thanks for your help :wink:

Simply any Community server which has a admin that comes online once a quartal is better then an Official Server.

Lets get serious since you told us on which servers you played i assume youre European.

The Best Moderated Community servers in this Sector are:

Rustopia[EU/UK] Im playing myself on it 3 Admins they are like always online/ They dont play on the server Definetly no admin abuse or something like that and its Constanly High Pop.

European Survivors Played on it once Admins are germans they are activ server is High Pop too also recommended.

European Survivors Landstreicher is a Second server which is also good Populated.

those servers are here more longer then 3 months i think there are a lot of good other servers too but i didnt checked them yet.

Those 3 are Safecall heh!