any recommendations of addons i should download for servers? by this i mean so i wont get alot of errors and such

Wiremod and PHX3 if you want to join a normal sandbox server

At least you should have that…

ive heard the wire mode on dosent work its this true?

There have been problems recently with downloading wire; but the current link that our clan downloader uses works, along with PHX and manny other populer mods and addons, The stargate svn is down though. You can get these bits of software here:,544.msg1883/topicseen.html#new
^ SVN Installer,545.msg1887/topicseen.html#new
^Addon Installer

I would personaly recommend running the cleaning software first to ensure that you don’t have a shitload of dump files and other grime that builds up in garrysmod:,546.msg1884/topicseen.html#new
^Cleaning Software

And if you need maps that you can’t find on; We have one fore maps too:,549.msg1888/topicseen.html#new
^Map Installer

These Are links to the Official Forum Pages, Ther are simmiler threads on facepunch as well,