Recommended addons?

I just got Gmod and was wondering what the most common/eccelent addons are? Mostly to speed up connecting to a server.

(I would have searched for this if the search worked)

PHX, Wire.

That it?

Those two are found on a large majority of servers. Other addons are standard of different gamemodes, such as realistic CSS weapons on RP, or SBEP on spacebuild. We may be able to recommend more if you tell us which gamemodes you’ll be playing.

stargate mod, sg-mod, Mckay’s addon pack, carter’s addon pack, and the stargate mod weapons pack if your wanting to do single player

might wanna read up on SVN, the main medium that the community uses to keep big addons like wire and PHX updated.

good for target practice with gcombat, but then again the dead baby doll is even better