Recommended Darkrp Addons?

I’m interested in joining a darkrp server, but it’s rather clear to me that the majority of servers have custom jobs/equipment/packages/etc. and so I was wondering, what addons should I specifically get and what would be some recommended extras I should grab before I begin to play? I tried finding a similar post, but sadly “darkrp” being the only search term I could think of, I got more posts than I could be bothered to wades through.

Wait… are you hosting or playing?

Uh, if you’re just joining servers, you don’t have to download any addons.

Except Wiremod if the server is using it.

I have made several DarkRP servers with and for people over the years. It’s hard to find good modules (addons) Most of the good ones are outdated, and the creators don’t update them.
The only mainstream mod (that is not too well known) is CellMod. It adds in depth cellphone system into DarkRP, with things like coverage and SIM cards.
The best advice from me is to customize your DarkRP in other ways.
Simply changing up the HUD and menu’s make a huge difference. When you join a server with custom looks, you know the server coder has good knowledge with customization, therefore people will tend to stay on the server.

You can want all of the addons, you just need to know how to install them. Since this beautiful bug is out preventing people from downloading anything from the workshop over 64MB, unless you know how to extract the .gma files, you’re going to have a bad time.

The good thing is, it’s not that hard…