Recommended GM for 30 slots?

Planning to buy 30, what gamemode would you recommended?

I don’t take interest in:

  • Spacebuild
  • Anything to do with build
  • Fretta

Most popular i can think of for a 30 slot server would be Some sorta RP gamemode like DarkRP, Cakescipt, Pulsar Effect ( i think they have version released for public use).

Another popular one would be Zombie Escape or survival w/e its called and maybe some sorta Stranded gamemode.

Those are the top two i can think of since you did not want any sorta build server.

Hope it helps somewhat

Trouble in terrorist town! :v:

Aren’t the only gamemodes left deathrun, rp, and zombie? I would choose RP, it makes me horny.

Helicopter wars with nuclear wepons! (within an rp of coarse)