Recommended GMod Servers?

The title says it all. I haven’t ventured far outside of singleplayer in gmod, save for a few times playing that Fallout gamemode that went under a few months ago. I want to know GOOD gmod servers that I can visit and (a) not get prop-killed and permabanned upon arriving (b) not get shot at and permabanned upon arriving © not get trapped in a cage by a kid-admin saying “LALWZCPTER U TARPED LOLOLOLLololoOLOL!!1!1!” and get permabanned upon arriving or (d) not get insulted/flamed/etc for being absolutely terrible at building (although I can imagine it’s probably inevitable).
So, what servers do you recommend?

It’s called “Single Player”. or tearing your cat5 cable out of the wall.

Hell, I don’t know, I bought 10 a month ago and quit trying to play it 2 days later for the never ending fail that is most public servers.

Try a server with like 3-10 players on.
Pretty newb friendly

casual whistle

I recommend Overv’s Build Server, been up for about a year and a half now, lots of friendly players.
I’ve been co-owner since the days when it was a local server, now it’s a full time paid dedicated.