Recommended hosts?

I know this may get asked a lot and I apologize in advance but I plan on hosting a gmod darkrp server and I wanted to know what you guys recommend. I plan to have about 64-80 slots.I have heard good things about elpishost and as well as nfoservers but NFO is a bit out of my price range right now. I just wanted to know what you recommend.

Whats your budget because it might even be cheaper to buy a dedicated server if you have a high enough budget which gives you the freedom to choose your slots.

ElpisHost is cheap and has some good support.

I would recommend I got 3 64 slot servers from them for 20 bucks each with FastDL and they never lag! Every single server is only 20 bucks and you get to choose how many slots you want all for the same price haha. And they come with DDOS protection! :smiley:

Or he might be able to buy a $60/mo dedicated server with ddos protection and set it up and probably get 10 servers running on it no problem at 64 slots each.

Problem is, budget, location and OPs knowledge of setting stuff up.

Can you tell me where you can get a $60/month dedicated server with ddos protection that can run 10 64 slot gmod servers? I might buy some myself.

Notice I said probably assuming it’s not running a billion addons.

My server is only using around 300mb of ram per Garry’s Mod and around 3% CPU per GMOD hosted and goes up to 7% when I have 50+ people on with spikes to 11% maybe at best then it drops down again to 7-3% at best.

CPU is a E5 2670 V2 @2.50GHZ.

The E5 you mentioned isn’t on that order page.

OVH doesn’t really have DDoS protection. What they have is a in-house filter called VAC that can tank most of the larger hits like RDNS reflection. It’s not very good either as if you enable it on the server it can in a lot of cases drop legitimate traffic. It won’t block every hit and they don’t guarantee the protection.

But, yes. If you want a bottom of the barrel host you can certainly get your dedicated server through OVH - in a lot of cases it works out well. Just remember the old saying - you get what you pay for.

Not the best hosting company but you can get a cheap 40$ vps until you have money for something like hetzner/ovh/nfo.

I know the E5 isn’t on there. I don’t go with OVH but have servers with em with VAC on and I have no issues.

The servers they DO have are pretty damn good servers for price.

You can get pretty powerful servers without DDoS protection that could host 30+ gmod servers at 64 slot servers easy. If you’d like a link it’s older-ish hardware but still pretty good.

Hetzner, if you ask them not to nullroute you when shit happens.


Also, in Russia we’ve got plenty of internet, some servers are hosted on energy efficient homeservers.


My advice regarding DDoS kids: show zero tolerance. If ddosers adds you and starts talking him — don’t answer, or either don’t even accept friend invite in first place. Don’t leave them a chance to show their demands.

NFO hosts almost all of the top gmod servers, and they are reasonably priced imo. I believe the only servers that aren’t with NFO have dedis with limestone networks. Elpis is a good choice too: they’ll be able to offer more gmod-specific help and be a bit cheaper, but they probably won’t be as much help as NFO if you get (D)DoS’d.

On the other hand, I would definitely avoid hosts like Revolt Servers which are less than a month old and have people either spam replies to posts like these to promote themselves or rate everybody else dumb (like natekit is apparently doing).

Agreed, all in all it just comes down to what the OP wants to do with it and what their budget is.

IF they want to have multiple servers then it may be cheaper to look into a dedicated server than a hosting provider.

If they only want one it may be cheaper to look into a reputable gmod provider in their area.

All in all its down to, yet again, how knowledgeable OP is at setting it up if he goes with a dedicated server/vps etc and budget.

Btw take in mind if you’re ordering an EU datacentre server from NFO your server won’t show up on the masterlist due to “regional issues” ( Frankfurt )

Yeah Im only looking to host a single server currently. So I don’t need a dedicated server. And I plan to host it in us not eu. My friend an I did at one point have a dedicated server with a functioning DarkRP but we scrapped it. My ideal budget would be 30-60$ a month.

p.s. hey konth this is baron!

Try using NFOServers, they’re a pretty decent host with good anti-DDoS and very active support, I’d say they’re my favorite host.

EDIT: Just saw Konth’s post, and I have to say that’s pretty shit.

If you are looking to host in North America, I’d look into BBServers. It’s runned by a member of Facepunch, and in every experience I have had with them has always been a very good one.