Recommended Server Host

What server host do you recommend for a 32 slot DarkRP server with the normal Addons and gets atleast 32 people a day.

im looking for a server hoster with NO lag no matter how much players are on… and i mean like lag spikes all the bad lag n stuff.

but if you find one please comment.

Fluctis Hosting and NFO Servers are quite well.

I go with Xenon because I don’t need too much power, nor high prices for that power.

Your better off going with a full dedicated server. Will cost you a little more but you will have less restrictions and better performance compared too TCADMIN servers. Most TCADMIN servers are shared which means there maybe 3 clients sharing one dedicated server.

There many different providers on the internet but I recommend renting something along these lines.

Windows server 2003/2008
Intel xeon quad core @ 2.33ghz
2gb ram - Should do fine

You realise TCAdmin is just software right?

I do however, almost all host that use TCADMIN control panel, make clients share dedicated servers. Just like a VPS.

With a dedicated server you do have alot more control. You can install as many game servers as you want (Not unlimited obviously, it all depends on the computers resources.) With a dedicated server, if you connect via remote desktop, you can install anything that windows supports.

And at least you have the peace of mind knowing that the whole dedicated server belongs too you.

I have been doing an immense amount of work getting reputation turned around the past 8 months since we have new ownership, and a lot of our GMOD customers are very happy with the service. You are more than welcome to try us out. While we offer 50 something different game server types, my primary goal right now is getting us focused on GMOD hosting and provide as many additional features for those customers as possible.

Any shared game hosting company is going to put multiple customer’s servers per machine, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to stay in business. The key is to find the ones that don’t overload the machines, restart them on a regular basis at non-peak hours, have a good network and protection, and so on.

If you do try us out, feel free to use the coupon code NEWTEAM for 20% off your server’s normal price.

Otherwise, I would recommend checking out and just finding a good host there.