Recommended server hosts (EU)?

Hey all!

I currently have a 40 slot server with Nitrous Networks hosting a DarkRP server but having terrible lag issues with them when we reach about 30 players online.
I’ve tried contacting Nitrous about this but they weren’t able to help resolve the issue.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a decent hosting company?

Specifically looking for;
EU server
DDoS protection
Not overloaded servers
Decent support reply times

I will take a look at all the recommendations as I’m looking to change host ASAP

It doesn’t have to be their fault. Can you list all your addons? What have you set your tickrate to?

I would recommend using a VPS from NFO, It would just cost abit more, but be much better. The three core one, or the two core one with 1GB of ram added. (I would use the three core one if you’re getting windows as os.)

If you don’t know much about server hosting, then I would recommend a gmod server from NFO, they are abit pricy tho.

I use barely any addons, I like to keep servers basic but fun.
I use M9K, darkrpmodification, ulx, ulib, stacker, precision, fading door, 3d2d text screens and that is all…

NFO - I was literally just reading a thread about someone accessing server files from an NFO exploit.

“Last I heard, users were able to upload binary modules to NFO servers and modify (or read) other server’s files.”

That’s not an exploit if you use a VPS from them. And for the gameservers, non VPS:

Also, you didn’t tell us your tickrate.

As long as you buy your own server, and don’t buy a shared hosting on the same server as other garry’s mod servers you should be fine. NFO has already been informated and they are looking into at/fixing the issue.

My mistake - I don’t actually have anything set for tickrate, what should I set this to?

EDIT: Nitrous don’t allow you to change/edit/add tickrate so have sent an email to support

Use 33 for DarkRP. Quote if you still got issues with the performance after that.

Dont buy a NFO VPS if you plan to have more than 30 players. At least that’s my experience.
If you have money enough, go with an OVH enterprise dedicated.

I run 2 32 slot servers (that’s been full at the same time) + a teamspeak music bot + a mysql database just fine. On a three core one. Which cpu did yours have? Mine got a E5-2690 V2

I’ve sent you a PM, don’t want it to seem like spam. I’ve seen lots of companies (who shall not be named) getting fake appraisals because of the way their affiliate system works, which I think is ridiculous as it often does not reflect their true image. IMO tick-rate should not go lower than 66 if you want overall smoothness, however, that does not seem possible in your current state.

Number of cores will barely affect performance, just make sur your machine has a strong single-core power. CPU is important.

DarkRP doesn’t work very well with tickrates at 66, it should be at 33.

It could effect your performance, here’s some examples.
I got an one core windows VPS, that means even if soruce cant use more than one core windows+some programs needed on your server+ something else you might have needs to be ran one on core, which will take much of the power.

I have a two core one, I can run windows and other shizzle on one core, and source on the other one.

I have a three core, same as above but I can add another server to the other core.

Of course a CPU with good single threaded performance is important tho. Intels I7 series often wins here, but they are not ment for servers.

Is there a specific reason for why this is other than it uses more CPU? I’ve ran some DarkRP servers in the past and I’ve never needed to change the default tick-rates.

I haven’t really researched why it helps to put the tickrate at 20-33 for DarkRP, but I do indeed know that it works. It’s probably the CPU usage as you said.

I highly recommend if you are willing to use a Linux VPS, the $7 plan goes a very long way, if you are looking for windows I recommend, I’ve been using it for my dev server and it managed to handle 30 bots and 2 players while maintaining 66fps.

never seen hosthatch before, have you used them for gmod? their prices look really nice, just worried about overselling or generally bad performance