Recommended Server Provider?

I don’t know if this thread would go here, but anyway.

I’m wondering what host I should use for about a 20 slot server. One that has a good balance between price and, well, quality.

Huh, I thought there was more I would be able to say, guess not. >.>

But yeah, I want a host that isn’t too expensive but doesn’t suck as far as, lag wise, I guess.

Inx-gaming. Im with them, they are pretty good, no lag at ALL, pings are great. Refer to:

Anyone else got other opinions? I don’t want to waste my money on a bad host. Seeing how I don’t have a lot to try different ones.



Definitely Brohoster or Xenon, though I prefer Brohoster, I buy from them all the time.

Brohoster. Best provider for price vs. quality.

Brohoster’s got really nice service.

Might take a peek at brohoster. Anyone got a link, or am i going to have to go search myself? :slight_smile:

I took a look at phoenix’s server (using inx-gaming) For me, it had a fairly high ping most of the time.
Now I don’t know wheather I should use sleekservers or brohoster. brohoster seems to cost more than others, and I heard someone complain about their pings on their server, and brohoster’s customer service or something sucked. :\

brohoster is generally pretty good, I always use the spare server we have here at the office though so I don’t have much Experience with hosts :v:

To be honest, their (brohoster’s) support isn’t great. The cost/performance ratio is, though. The best around, as far as I can tell. While their support isn’t “great”, it’s not particularly “bad” either, it just could be better. Especially if you are European, you need to wait for American working hours until you possibly get an answer.

Hmm. They do seem to cost a bit more though, and I don’t have a whole lot of money. And, I’m not looking for the best :p. 16 or 20 slots is all I need. So a warehouse of processors isn’t necessary.

Timezones doesn’t affect how good the support is. They’re polite and often fix the issue.

Fireplay Servers (Good)
Nitrous Networks (Good And Epic Support)

Actually in my opinion it does. If I need to wait for several hours (sometimes days, in some cases), for whatever reason - including timezones -, that effects the quality of their support. All the customer cares about is what he sees and gets, and in my experience, I find brohoster’s support to be slow - and uncaring - quite a lot of the time. As I’ve said before though, the price:performance ratio is still brilliant, so there’s only so far that I expect from a company support-wise, considering the price I pay. I would still recommend them for anyone wanting cheap and decent servers, though.

I understand your point. Surely it can affect certain people, but it doesn’t affect how good their support is.

Trust me, our support is anything but slow and uncaring, it’s just our timing for our EU users isn’t so great. Support always has been of #1 importance to us, it’d be like if Chef Boyardee made canned chinese food. One day I spent 17 hours straight just trying to get rid of a few lagspikes on the MC servers and kept everyone updated via our Facebook the entire time because I know they’d want to know what’s going on.

As far as the issue with your server not restarting automatically, we’re actually still looking into that and haven’t closed your ticket or forgotten about you. Open a billing ticket and I’ll add a free week to your billing for your troubles.

Cheers mate, I figured that you had forgotten about it. Well guys, you’ve just seen brohoster support firsthand - completely opposite of what I had said - quick and caring :slight_smile: I’m sorry for my previous remark, it was uncalled for and written in anger. It’s true, they treat you like bros, not screw you like hoes.