Recommended SWEP Base?


I am getting into making SWEPs. Is there a weapons base that you would recommend to a beginner?


i think i found one somewhere let me look for it…


after a quick search i found this:

I didnt have much time to look at it but I hope it helps!

Happy modding!

Your own.
Changing numbers teaches you to change numbers.
Making your own swep base teaches you to make your own swep.

wannabecoder: I can’t find a release anywhere on that page.
Empty_Shadow: I’d love to make my own base, but I have no idea where to begin. Any hints at all?

Big hint.

Thank you for the link. I’d never really taken the time to read though Garry’s wiki for ANYTHING.

Garry’s Mod Plus has a subproject that comes with the addon called “SWEP Bases”, which allows you to create your own weapons based on either Half-Life 2 weapons (even programmatically difficult ones such as the shotgun, or grenade) or other games such as CS:S (with true spread calculations and HUD renders) or TF2 (predone particle tracers and effects).

What’s so difficult about the shotgun?
Or particle tracers?
Or true spread calculations and HUD rendering?

Those are all things that aren’t that hard to design, so it’d be a good idea to learn them for yourself by creating them.

You seem intent on forcing people to learn and do everything by themselves. May I remind you: there are several learning styles. Some people (like me) need to be taught, others may be independent learners, and etc. My point is, maybe the OP needs a hand when it comes to learning lua which is, basically, a whole new language. How many high-school students do you see diving headfirst into their Spanish and French textbooks? I would hope that is a small number.

Thanks for the help coder. I really do want to learn LUA, and you make a good point.

It’s the reloading stuff that’s sophisticated.

I translated C++ out of the Source SDK, and still had to write a few extra lines of code, since prediction and networked things aren’t nearly as fast in Lua, based on syncing.