Recompile cars?

So I recently added tdm cars and noticed the console says they need to be recompiled.

does anyone know how to recompile cars so this doesnt spam console? I would also like to know why my tdm cars are pink. They dont appear to have missing textures just flat out pink always.

Well, if you have the original car models (as in the SMD files, the QCs and the materials), you could recompile them with some random source compiler like Crowbar. If you don’t have the original models, you’d have to decompile all the models (if they’re .mdl files, as they seem to be) with some random source decompiler (which Crowbar can do as well), and then recompile them for GMod.

Or, you could just ignore the errors and save yourself a hassle, or just try to contact the author to tell him the error.

By the way, I think that error comes up if the models were compiled for a different version of the Source Engine or a different game or something like that

I used workshop to download the cars. Also what’s with the cars spawning pink? Some cars are completely pink in the interior and other cars my player doesn’t exactly sit in the car, he sits outside

As MPan1 said, all that error means is that they were compiled for a different version of source. The error can be safely ignored. As for the pink cars, that means you are missing a texture for them. As for sitting outside, I don’t know the addon in question but it sounds like a simple offset issue in the code.

What textures am I missing? I have the tdm cars and basepack I prefer to use workshop to get all these cars and believe I have everything. Workshop here:

Maybe it’s broken cubemaps on your map instead

I do have cubemap errors, how would I fix those?

Such as?