Recompiling\Building gm_construct trouble

So I decompile it from original gm_construct.bsp to .vmf to play around with it in Hammer, and it seems to be alright.
After I make some changes (or not) and run the map it seems broken a bit - some brushes don’t load, no lighting, no skybox, odd pinky-black reflections everywhere…
Tagging “use radius culling” as false doesn’t help a lot.
I used one of latest versions of BSPSource and Hammer from “Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin”, gm_consctruct is from actual version of GMod (just to be clear)
So what’s the problem? I’ll appreciate any help or directions.

The brushes missing are from the decompile process … There is no way of decompiling without loss.

The lighting not being correct is because you almost certainly are compiling with different parameters.

Weird black/pink reflections is because the cubemap files that are packed in the .bsp get lost with a decompile.

In general just don’t decompile maps. Ask the original creator for the .vmf and the associated content.

Lighting and reflections can be fixed but the brushes are going to mean to replace all faulty ones.
In the end it won’t come out to be the same as gm_construct. It will always be a bit different.

I have no idea how this applies to maps that come with the game but have a look at this :
(Fourth point of "Steam ToS rules)

But I do see all the brushes in editor, they are missing ONLY after compilation D:

I wanna make a simple snowstruct (without changing anything except the snowy textures) for my server - and it seems that another two of them(winter constructs) from workshop are not banned. Also, it’s kinda for personal use :c

Ok, I’ll google it. Thank you for help :slight_smile:

I guess it’s the same as it is for invalid brushes. They only mess up after compiling or restarting hammer

Damn. So it’s nothing to do with it? Google doesn’t help at all.
I’ll try to connect with snowstruct authors, maybe it will help.