Recompiling m_anm.mdl using released source files - missing file error?

TL;DR: I’m trying to recompile this in Crowbar but I keep getting the error that reads: 'ERROR: c:\users\my username\documents\gmod modding tools\gmod animation source code files\gm_sequences.qci(310): - could not load file 'player/…/prone/ProneWalkIdle_30CAL’

Alright, need some advanced help here from those who know the answer
Let me explain my situation
For a stylistic reason, I want my playermodel to animate at 1/3rd the FPS of a normal playermodel
Pretty much all the animations for a playermodel come from m_anm.mdl if you use the m_anm.mdl animation set in your QC file, same for f_anm.mdl of course.
So first to achieve my goal, I tried to decompile m_anm.mdl with crowbar, change the sequence FPS values, then recompile, only to find that this many sequences from the generated crowbar QC file is actually TOO MUCH for studiomdl to handle, not to mention that the deltas of certain animations decompiled by Crowbar are all messed up, even if this WERE to compile it wouldn’t look right.
So, I look into it, and I find out that the gmod playermodel animation source files that have been online for years and, unlike a decompilation of m_amn.mdl using crowbar, can be compiled

I found the source files at this link:

So, I download that, and write a quick n dirty python script to automatically divide all the fps values in each relevant .qc file of the gmod animation source files by 3 then round it to the nearest high-end integer, don’t worry about that part I have tested it and it works as expected
HOWEVER, here comes the big issue, whenever I try and compile even a clean copy of these source files with crowbar by feeding in the correct .qc file of the several available (the correct one to my understanding for m_anm.mdl being ‘player_male_anims_m_anm.qc’), I get the following error:

'ERROR: c:\users\my username\documents\gmod modding tools\gmod animation source code files\gm_sequences.qci(310): - could not load file ‘player/…/prone/ProneWalkIdle_30CAL’

I checked the source repo on github for this, and it appears that this animation or even this directory doesn’t even exist.

So, even though these source files are up online, is there any way to get crowbar to actually compile them? I have no idea how I’m supposed to get this to compile when it seems like perhaps entire animation directories aren’t there.

Prior to posting this, I have checked around on these forums about my issue to find others posting the same GitHub link I just mentioned a moment ago, but no explanation as to how to compile with these obvious issues in the way.

Alright, update to this, I found THIS repository which is for a seemingly unrelated project but has the elusive missing files from the other repo there, I downloaded these files and sure enough my QC files compiled. However, now, when I tell my playermodel to include this NEW m_anm.mdl compile instead of the base game one, my playermodel is t-posed AND some of the vertexes randomly glitch out, but that’s a whole other issue that I don’t understand and I’m satisfied with just saying it’s not gonna work out now that I’m this far and that is the result.

For those finding this later, op is not accurate

There is no prone mention in the gmod source animations because the op didn’t get their source from the gmod source animations github. They probably pulled it out of a fork or something.

You can still do the animation compilation of rubats source perfectly fine straight from the git so long as you use gmods studiomdl in crowbar. Otherwise you will hit a memory limit.

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I’ll add additional advice for anyone looking to do the same. It can be achieved through lua easily with the updateanimation hook setting the player playback rate to 1/3

Save yourself the trouble of having to deliver a new model that will ultimately cause conflicts with other addons of the same type

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Thanks for the advice and updated info, Dave, was losing my mind yesterday trying to figure it all out. Best of luck to those reading this!

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