recompiling sfm models to make it Gmod Compatible

ok, as the title says, I need to learn to decompile SFM models
I already know how to compile models to Gmod,. now, I have this SFM model that I want to compile for Gmod, but I don’t know how,. mdldecompiler doesn’t seem to work for me.
I can’t ask people to convert it for me cause the type of model I wanna convert is not welcome here.
I just want to learn on how to decompile sfm models.


gui doesnt work,so you cant do it anyway

As far as I know it’s backwards compatible just fine.
You may want a physmodel though which is another story. As SFM doesn’t really need physics most people who make SFM models, myself included, don’t bother with a physmodel.

yeah, that’s exactly the reason why I wanna know how to decompile,.
I need to make a physmodel for it,…

Not sure if you know this already, but you need to make a small edit in the .mdl.

-Get a hex editor, plenty of free ones if you google them. I use HexEdit XV132
-Open the .mdl in the hex editor, The first characters will likely read IDST0
-Change that 0 to an ordinary comma (,)
-Save and try to decompile again.

If it was already a comma, then I have no idea. Some .mdls I can’t decompile until I do this.

Also make sure you have the other parts of the .mdl in the same folder you are decompiling from (the .vvd, the .vtx’s, etc).

I use this, it works fine for me:

I tried this,.

decompiler crashed,.

From what I’ve always noticed, that’s usually due to something that’s missing when the decompiler actually starts to do its work. In most cases, it usually just gives a broken .qc (at least from what I’ve experienced) with the rest of the files, while in other cases it just does nothing and crashes.

Just wondering, was that model made by Vaako?

Wait like 10 seconds before pressing ‘Ok’ after it says decompiled. I had the exact same problem, this seems to fix it for me.

hahaha, no.

ok,. thanks guys

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