Recompiling source maps to work in Vindictus

This might be out of the scope of this forum but I’m looking to mod a Vindictus map.

Compiling them in hammer seems to complete fine but they’re unable to be used in the game.
When it tries to load the map it crashes with an error that says the map has a “funny lump size”.
It should be possible as I’ve seen other mods of maps before but I’m lost on how to make this lump size consistent with what Vindictus uses.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Here’s a link to some vindictus maps
Old map:
New map:

The new map seems to have a different lump size from the old one, causing it to complain about too many brushes.

Vindictus uses a different bsp version than the rest of source. You’d need to mod the actual compilers to get it to work, and unless you’re willing to do it yourself, it’s probably not going to happen ever.

I did find this on the valve dev wiki:

Would I need to change anything aside from those things to get it working?