Recomplie a model

Ok, I decompiled a model with cannonfodders studio compiler and edited the skin. Now I having trouble recompiling the model, anyone have a guide on how to do it?

In what way did you edit the skin? If your just reskinning the model, it would be easier for you to hex it than recompile.

If you want to know how to recompile it, just rename your altered SMD (if you have actually propperly altered the texures not just a reskin) and load the qc that was spat out by the decompile into StudioCompiler and hit compile (i’d alter the name of the model in the $modelname line though so it doesn’t replace anything, you can also alter the $model SMD name to whatever your new SMD is called if you don’t want to name your SMD the name that is already there). You may have to make the folders in your garrysmod/garrysmod/models folder for your model to be compiled into (the path defined with / before the model’s name in the QC), as sometimes compilers will ask you to and other times they wont (depends how your running them).