RECON• Mod Project! Pictures and Videos inside!

Hello Facepunch, and let me introduce you to RECON•[/MEDIA]

I’m Larry and I’ve been working on a mod for Halflife 2 for a few weeks now, and I have decided to make it public. I’ve created the above document in order to explain the ideas of the mod as best I can, but if you have any questions please post away!

One of the main points of this thread is to recruit a programmer (I’d rather of kept it private but we thought this would be the best way of getting a programmer on board). If you are interested in the mod and you want to learn more, please email me (my address is in the document above) or you can PM me!

Now for some media!


Sorry about the music in that video! Was an accident :stuck_out_tongue:





Some of the pictures are old, but rest assured this thread will be updated with new content as we progress!

Things we have included in the mod already:

-Lights that can be shot out
-Colour Correction
-Alarm System
-Camera system.

These things have all been done within the level, however there is only so far we can get with hammer!

I must stress, we really do need a coder. I don’t pretend to know how much work will be involved, but from my understanding the things that would need to be coded include:

Teams (one team with max 2 players, the other 8-10)
Night Vision (Like the one in Counter Strike Source)
Ammo Counts
A report system that gives off the stealth teams position every so often to give the defence team an incentive.

And some basic VGUI modifying. I am also interested in learning to code, and I’d work closely with the programmer to see how they work. I’m not sure if it’s possible to code in LUA or C++, I don’t suppose it matters. Please enlighten me! Good English please!

Please leave all your comments on the mod in this thread! If you do think there may be problems with the gameplay ideas, please post here! Obviously at the moment everything is speculation (things like problems that could occur) until we have an actual playable mod with correct teams.

We have had a couple of playtests to see how well players are able to hide in the level, and the players are well concealed.

Here is some previous work from one of our mappers (TH3_L33T)

Thank you for your time!

PS. This is a full mod, not a gamemode for garrysmod.

wow. i would like to have this.

I’ve been looking for a good stealth gamemode. :smile:

It wouldn’t be a gamemode for garrysmod or anything, it would be a a full mod.

Oh. I see.
Same same :v:

Is anyone else reminded of The Hidden?

Yes, sorry I should of made it clear; this is a full mod, independant of Garrysmod.

EDIT: @ ECCENTRICITY: So you’ve played our mod and The hidden? I like how you know they will play the exact same /sarcasm.

It just seems quite a similar concept on first glance, I’m sure it will be different in practice however, and I commend you on your presentation, very nice.

Yeah, I understand they do sound similiar on paper, due to the team numbers, but our goal is not to create another Hidden. It will be unique, we promise.

generic hl2 mod, well done

so that’s how you turn the lights off, vandal :v:

You know, “generic” mods tend to fail because of people like you. You don’t give the support thats needed. All we want to do is make a fun mod with some friends, yet you people just automatically think DUMB. People like you are the reason so many mods fail because you just treat them like shit.

We are serious about this mod, and we’re not going to let people like you ignorantly discredit our work.

First off, I think it’s “excels” not “exels”. (Paragraph above Gameplay)
Second off, while it may be exciting for the stealth team to sneak in and disable sentries and shoot people… What does the defending team get to do? Sit around and get picked off one by one? Their just gonna cluster around the objective leaving it impossible for the stealth team to advance.

Good luck though. :s

We have thought about that and we’ve added some incentives. For starters the alarm system when set off will lure the defending team to their positions. When a defence team member dies, their position is shown to all other players, so this will again lure them to the stealth team. There are also thoughts about having messages shown every now and again to the defence team, like “Movement spotted near the courtyard, check it out”. (These will only be every 30 seconds roughly and will actually read out the area in which the stealth team are in, so this forces them to keep moving as the defence team are moving in on them.) This could also lure the defence team into an ambush.

About the camping on the intel, we’ve thought about this and we decided a room with more than one entrance with locked doors that can only be opened by a lock pick that the stealth team has hold of. This way the defence team if they were to camp, could only sit near the doors.

EDIT: Oh yes, “excels” is a typo, my bad. Thank you for pointing that out.

Looks promising, one thing I may suggest is having the stealth team use proper teamwork, like helping the other player vault a fence so they can unlock a different route, or hack secutiry, maybe even reach higher ledges. Probably would be very difficult to code though.

Reminds me of splinter cell: Pandora Tomorrow/ Chaos theory multi-player. Defiantly a mod to follow, and if you do have objectives, please spread them out to give the stealth team a chance.

They’d still sit infront of the locked door and just randomly shoot down the corridor.

I dunno. Prove me wrong.

The maps are quite large, so plenty of room. We will be inforcing teamwork between the two stealth team members, yet this still needs more work. Obviously the stealth team members will have to be chosen at random so teamwork could be hard. We’ll work around this. When we playtest we can see what works and what doesn’t work.

EDIT: Lord Ned, we could seperate the doors a bit to gain access to this room, they don’t have to be in the same corridor. Maybe 4 corridors go past this room, and other rooms that are locked could also have air vents.

There will be a lot of gameplay and balance kinks to work out I assume, but I wish you guys good luck in this.

Just to clarify I’m not trying to attack you. I’m trying to iron out issues before you even start so you don’t get halfway through production and go “Oh crap how do we fix this”.

Still not convinced that it will work, though Objectives might work. You can also randomize where the secret intel is and not tell the bigger team, just tell the stealth team.