Recon Spartan gets jumped by Deathclaw

I was thinking of Fallout New Vegas and this popped into mind.

Fallout New Vegas better rock. Bethesda isn’t making it,right?

If Bethesda ain’t making it, it’s shit and we all know it.

but its BIOWARE!

Pretty good shadowing on the Deathclaw.

Where’d you get the Spartan model?

Medrop’s Kingdom Hearts thread in the models/skins section

Meeeh, the posing and lighting ar OK, posing maybe even better, but its a bit dark, and lacks artistic effort. I can see it’s clearly more of a quickly made realization of a half-assed idea to invoke discussion on the matter… or so it looks anyways, no offense.

Nothing wrong with that though, just not as appealing visually as it could be.


posing even better? How?

The Spartan looks perfect in both, and the Deathclaw is proportioned according to a quick generilization of its weight, mass, and body shape on top of the slot machine as to better balance itself, and spread out on top of the spartan to pin it to the ground, one hand on its head, one on its hand, and it’s back legs spread to steady itself.

And I think Fallout 3 is dark, and I bet New Vegas is running on hardly any energy at all.

You have to tear the picture apart and look at it from every possible viewpoint before judging it, make guesses, and figure it out for yourself :science:

OK, maybe I was a bit harsh, but I know now what set me to that course. I thought it wasn’t actually what the game was about, but a pun on the name. What strengthened that was that the slots machines look very much intact and well-remained, even maintained.

As I said, the posing is even better, meaning it’s more towards the positive than the lighting.

Speaking of which, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking of when saying it’s dark. It’s not, but it’s an odd mix. The deathclaw is a bit hard to make out, whereas the slots machines shine so that they should also illuminate the deathclaw.

That accounts to something of at least 2 points on a /10 scale… I looked at it wrong, if I might put it so (sorry about my quee… odd wording, the most exposure to English, aside from FP, that I’m getting right now is LOTR, it’s influencing me)

Did anyone else really really hate fallout? I did…
It was oblivion with a map replacement, and this time it was wet-ish looking scorched earth…

For me fallout was basically 2X weaker and 5X more boring 3X faster than Oblivion* a good game *
I mean every cow had 2 heads!!! All my friends laughed at that games attempt to create a post-apocalyptic Survival.

The pictures are fine, but a casino would be well-light. Spartan looks like he graduated from “special” spartan training.

True about the oblivion-fallout replacement.

And this casino is barely in working order. Think one of the buildings in Fallout 3, like the museum or underworld. Its not as bright as it should be, yet most of the museum is intact, get me?

And the spartan is a new recruit who cheated to get some recon armor because he is a n00b.

If someone else is developing it, there’s a good chance it’s going to be a working game which is not built on top of the developers last game, with stiff animation and poor voice acting.

Please! If they’re doin’ it like the original Fallout’s, fuck it. Bethesda or bust.

I hope that’s sarcasm.

If it’s not, break yourself.

I’d rather it to play like savage 2 or something, RTS but with the option of FPS

The Spartan doesn’t fit, It just has the wrong atmosphere to the whole seen.

If it was a wasteland, his Armour would be slightly dusty.

Beth killed Fallout.

He has scratches and minor battle damage on his armor…look closesly.

Also, since when has a video game mashup been terrible?

Mario and Sonic


But this spartan dropped from space like an ODST except more awesome cuz he wears recon. Minor details like that don’t matter :science:

Well, now.