Record Demos for Clients?

Looking for a way to eliminate Word vs Word in some reports on my server. A way to do this would be to record demos of what they see, that they can submit to us. But I don’t want to fill up their disks. I’m looking to (From ideal to unwanted):
A: Record Demos to Clients when they join, that only save to their disk if they do a command, else get deleted, to save disk space (Ideal)
B: Record Demos to Clients that get deleted when they leave, unless they back them up. However, I don’t think this is possible since LUA cant delete outside /data (Acceptable, but I’d prefer a better solution)
C: Record videos on server, from cameras placed around the map (Not Ideal)
D: Record demos for every player onto the server (Bad)
E: Record demos on clients, but only if they opt in (I can do this, but don’t want to)
(Would do SourceTV but doesn’t work in GM13)

Any advice on doing any of these? I know I could just run gm_demo on clients, but like I said, don’t want to fill up their disks.
Thanks for any help, Dino.

One option is to save the position of every player on the server at a certain interval (similar to Tommy’s TTT Damagelogs), then when an admin wants to look up a certain player they can input a time and where everybody was at that time.

HOWEVER, I believe that you’re really solving this problem the wrong way. It seems like the problem you’re having is players will simply disagree about what went down in an RP situation. In my opinion, this is where an admin should simply say “alright, both of you shut up and actually play the game.” Then if they continue badgering the admin about each other, they should both get punished.

This isn’t trying to hunt down who committed a serious crime - this is two (likely) kids who are crying that they lost their AK-47, and it’s a waste of admin time to “bring out the recordings”.

This is for a JB server. We regularly get 2 main types of problems that are hard to resolve. People complain they got killed outside a KOS zone, which we cant prove. Location logs would help with that
But we also get staff reports sometimes, or players doing things when staff aren’t online so no logs exist that far back, or accusations of the warden doing favoritism. Recording POV to be submittable would be real useful. Especially only saving when they want to.

Yeah, if you logged where all players were like I suggested, you could tell if they were inside a KOS zone when they died.
As far as the POV recording, that’s kind of tough. You might just want to inform your users how to make their own demos and upload them on your forums or whatever.

It is possible to make a player begin to record a demo when they join the server, but this is NOT advised since it will be saved and processed clientside, meaning that players may have lower fps and you are using up their hard drive space with useless demos.

There are three solutions to this problem that I can think of:

  1. Find a new or improve your log system to hold a longer time frame of locations/kills etc
  2. Encourage users to film the problem by educating your staff to explain the problem with word vs word arguments.
  3. Train your staff in these situations and point them in the right direction such as diffusing the situation by explaining that you are aware of the situation and that you will warn or make a note of this for future reference.

Also I am not sure how you are able to force the client to record a demo but a server was able to do this at one point, so I know its possible.