Record rust ?

What’s a good program to record Rust ?

I tried Xspilt but when i use the screen region on the game it just screws up. Fraps wont work cause i want to record just rust not the whole internet window. any suggestions thanks :slight_smile:

Dxtory. Dxtory > all.

How would this work is there a way to record a screen region on DXtory

Bandicam is good for recording screen regions.

It has a free trial as well, you’ll have to put up with a watermark at the top and I think it limits you to 15mins at a time.

You can’t record a screen region with Dxtory. It’s just like FRAPS, only better. I think Camtasia lets you do screen region recordings. Not 100% sure though.

Camtasia does allow screen region recording.

Here you go man:

I have tested a few recording programs and Action! has always been the best for me, low fraps, very easy to use and good capture size.

Hint: full-screen mode.

MSI Afterburner has a record option, i prefer it to Fraps…

DXTory doesn’t work with Rust at the moment. I’ve been forced to use FRAPS for my recording so far, and in terms of livestreaming, I’ve just used the larger window and fullscreened my browser with the source set to my primary monitor.

We prefer BandiCam. Fraps is another option. Or xSplit for streaming and/or recording.

Unregistered Hypercam 2.


Overwolf doesn’t only give you a HD free no-watermark awesome screen recorder, but it has a browser, screen capture, skype, teamspeak and other apps in it that you can use in-game.

Basicly use all your social programs in-game.

The screen recorder on Overwolf is awesome.

Can I ask everybody how they livestream rust in true fullscreen? Or do people just use full window?


Just wanna clarify something, I made a mistake saying Dxtory can’t record a screen region. It actually CAN record a screen region.