Recording Rust Later Tonight

Doing some recording in about 3 hours of Rust in the US PvP server, If you wanna join me and group up add me on Skype “AeroMedic”, If you want any shoutouts to a youtube or facebook, Send me a link to your page or channel, Trying to promote my channel the best way i can, Hopefully Garry approves :slight_smile:

You can find the video once posted here:

Hey man, not to be rude or anything, but how can you play with like 9-15 fps?

Your channel is bad.

I have no clue, Just used to it i guess

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Well it is Freedom of speech, But my channel hasn’t really started yet, All my subs are my friends at this point, That’s why i’m making videos of different games to see what game gets the most attention on my channel

You’re like my friend who can’t tell a difference between 7fps and <30fps.

I wanna say frames don’t matter but i don’t wanna start a word fight in my post lol,
However, To me as long as my game doesn’t lock up, I have no problem playing

Heh, if you say frames has no matter you have a fantastic ability.

Fantastic? No, Just never thought Frames mattered to me, Even with or without perfect frames, I’m still a decent player