Recording Software

Anyone know any good recording software for gmod? I’ve tried Wegame, but whenever I try to edit the videos I get a error message. And with Fraps you have to pay. So is there any other software online that I get get?

WeGame works fine for me. The best way to go is Source Recorder.

Yeah, Source recorder is bloody amazing.

Plus, after you recorded the demo, you can change all kinds of things, like camera angles!

And you can record it at a high fps rate with poor graphics then replay it at a nice forced framerate with good graphics and make everyone drool over your nonexistent super computer!

K I’m gonna sound like a noob asking this, but do I get it from steam or from a website? I think I’ve heard of it before but I’m not really sure?

Its in-built in every Source game. Just type “record name” in console and when you are done, type “stop”.

I thought it was that! But how do I get the console up? It’s that box with all the code right?

The one in the start menu, yes.

You press either the ~ (tilde) key, or the one just below escape, depending on which country you live in. Here’s a brilliant tutorial on how to use it properly:
It’s the one I used, and if I could follow it, anyone can.

cool thanks