Recourse files

Hello, I have a DarkRP server, and i have some custom shit, like an MP7 weapon for my SWATs

and this cars addon:

This is my resource.AddFile located in: lua/autorun/server

Anyone knows the problem why its not working? Tnx!

And what exactly is the problem you are getting? We can’t help you if we don’t know what doesn’t work, and what errors you get.

they just all don’t download when joining, except the map and cs weapons do

Do you have FastDL?

Yes: You might have placed material, sound and models wrong.
Server - garrysmod/addon/superawesomeuberaddon/material/potato.vmt goes to
FastDL - garrysmod/material/potato.vmt

No: Continue to next question.

Do you have sv_allowdownload at 0?

Yes: Change it to 1 and restart the server

No: Continue

Do you have over 1000 LUA files?

Yes: Too many

No: Continue


Depending how well-made addon that won’t download … it seems like the creator forgot to add the material with “Resource.AddFile(<>)” or you might have forgotten to include the LUA-file that dos it.