Recovering Gmod Saves

When I attempted to save in Gmod 10, the hl2.exe error accrued. Casing the game to end abruptly. This error happens to me from time to time but I save often, so I never think much of it. Once I restarted the game I couldn’t find the file. The error interrupting the save must have deleted the file. Is it possible to recover saves? If so, how?

Saves are very unreliable, Adv Duplicator is better. There isn’t any recovery support of Garry’s Mod

some file undeleter could get the file back. as long as you have a HDD and not an SSD. but still. this probably won’t work. and it’s a very long process.

Bad reading.

There’s nothing you can do, i’m afraid. Don’t use saves, use Advanced Duplicator. (It comes with Wiremod.)