Recreate an image in Garry's Mod

This has been created before but not exactly with the same concept and the thread had died. Got permission from the thread-maker to create a new one.
You can C&C other’s posts but please do not directly insult the posing or the maker.

Basically, you post an image from anywhere that the person below has to pose in Garry’s Mod and also pose the image above you. Make sure the image is actually possible to pose in Garry’s Mod.

For example:



Image for person below to pose:

Have fun!

First post guys, heres my recreation!


Image for person below to pose:

Now do this:

I tried.

Re-create this:

Why the dumb rating?

I’m reserving this for tomorrow. Since I’d really like to do this one.

Re-do this for me.

here :v:


something to recreate:


Rebuild this

I tried to, I feel as if the soldiers in front came out great but the background didn’t so much. May have went overload on foliage.

Recreate this sheit:

that was easy (looks like a diamond in donkeys ass)

well lets see if u rly smart

Garry ruined the faceposing for default hl2 characters so…