Recreated Rust Logo

I’m a 17 year old designer/web developer/php programmer.
I’ve been using photoshop for about 3-4 years and never really tried creating logos.
This is basically the first one that I’ve created from scratch and looks good (for me atleast).

Everybody can use the logo, you’re allowed to share, edit, copy and commercial use.
I’ll post the .psd file tomorrow so that nobody will post it as theirs…


I’m very excited about the game, it’s definetly worth the wait :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work creating Rust!



version 2

Tweaked the version two logo a bit, this is the result:

Tweaked the lower triangle:

And as I promised, the .psd file:

Looks nice. Really like the textures.

This actually looks pretty nice.

Thanks guys!
I might update it before I release the .psd to the community :slight_smile:
I’ll add two versions if I do so.

Pretty nice. Good job!

the black looks a bit too grainy, but apart from that its pretty good.

Nice bro looks very clean bro, I like it a lot, but have you made it totally from scratch thinking about the logo now?

Its good but it needs more anti aliasing on it.

It’s pretty good. However, the choice of typography could have been better, also the gradient has too much light. Try to play with it and it will get there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I haven’t edited videos in a long time and I tried to create a short Rust Unofficial gameplay footage trailer…

I had to rely on other streamers footages because I’m still without a key.
What you think? I know I’m not the best editor in the world but it’s the thought that counts :slight_smile:

Nice One man

You put the wrong link at the end of the video, It’s ''"
other than that i’d say you did a good job :slight_smile: :dance:

Woops xD My bad.

No problem friend :smile:

You added alot more depth in it, i really enjoy looking at this instead of the actual one +1

I made the version 2. I’ll probably play around with it some more.


wow. its 10 times better than the original. great job.

the font looks worse, the radiation symbol looks much better

i think that the second first one is better

Just so you know, the lowest black triangle shaped thing extends all the way to the black circle in the middle. It doesn’t just stop half way.

This is the official logo posted by Garry: