Recreating my school in Hammer 2

I’ve recently been recreating the school I go to in Hammer 2 in my freetime. I’ve mainly been using the Half Life: Alyx assets for this, which is why I’m trying to create my own models and materials.

Now I haven’t really doing much work on it, but here are a few screenshots.

In my modeling journey, I followed a nice tutorial on Blender modeling, I created an untextured hammer, now unfortunately I havent gotten it into Source 2 yet, because of some weird issue with exporting it as an fbx or whatever it was.! hammer|690x373

With my material creating journey, well it hasn’t been going so well… I wanted to start with making a carpet texture with a real image of a carpet from my school

I also made a map called “Testeroonie”", to test the things I saw in tutorials, yeah its pretty alright

For my next model in Blender, I’m going to make a chair., and I’ll actually texture it.

Please let me know any suggestions for this


The error you got means the texture needs to be a power of two. so 8x8 or 16x16, 1024x1024, 2048x2048.
and so on…


nice project, I hope you will succeed in making your carpet :grinning:

This is a great project, I wish you good luck in its development!

I’ve seen this before… :joy:

Seen what?

Bomb defuse gamemode? :stuck_out_tongue: Inb4 my personal FBI agent comes knocking.

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It’s a pretty old story. Some school expelled a student because he recreated his school entirely in Counter-Strike.
Student expelled for high school Counter-Strike map
FOX news youtube
I think this is the map but I’m not sure

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That’s also a game where you plant bombs and shoot people lmao. That was probably the reason they got expelled, not for the fact that they just made the map.

I know, still found this similarity funny though

Woah i know that map, thats the one in the video series elliot goes to school, that sent off a bunch of neurons in my brain and into a blast from the past.

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