Recreating my school in Source 2 | small update

Bit of a small update on making my school in Source 2

So I’ve been working hard on modeling things, so far I have made a Desk and a Chair

I made the chair with almost no tutorials, only one on UV mapping, as a result the chair was scaled way too high LOL. Eventually I got it working perfectly

The next model I wanted to make was a desk, and thats exactly what I did, I had absolutely no tutorials. here is Gman chilling in said desk gmanchillin

I also made a model of my water bottle that i taped a sticky note onto years ago, here is a comparission

Also figured out the material editor thanks to Adesi carpetyay

Just wanted to let the few that care about this know that its going way better than I thought it would, maybe this map will be finished at the end of the year (no guarantees)

I’d say I’m doing pretty good at modding for a first time, if you have any suggestions please comment

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Hello Jeremy.

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Please don’t make a new thread for an update, post it as a comment instead.

Thanks for the tip

Could you delete this thread to clean up the forum?

sure lmfao, if i can figure out how

edit: i cant figure out how

i put updates on this google doc from this point forward so i dont clutter the forums lol

There’s a pencil button at the top right of any post you make that allows you to edit the message. Or, you can simply post an update as a new reply on one of your existing threads.

he does not have member yet so cant do that

hello Univ0ider

Cool shit but fair warning DON’T TELL PEOPLE AT YOUR SCHOOL you doing this or someone will snitch and you’ll catch some shit for it.